Arrive In Style

So, you have finally made the landing! What are the things that you should be aware of now? With this list of dos and don’ts, you can make sure that the process of your arrival and settling down is smooth and hassle free: 

Be seated after the flight lands
However early you might stand up and crouch in an effort to get out of the plane, realize that you will only be able to move forward once the people ahead of you have made a progress. Be patient and remain seated on your seats instead of adding to the crowd and standing uncomfortably for an additional five to ten minutes.

Check your seats
Before getting out of the plane, be sure to check your seats and seat pockets carefully to ascertain that you are not leaving anything behind.

Do not throw your boarding pass
However unimportant it may seem after your flight, it is important to preserve your boarding pass even after you have landed. You may need it to update the miles on your frequent flyer program as well as a kind of proof of transportation and date of arrival. This is especially true in case you are travelling to a foreign country. 

Deal with the pressure
Remember to be careful while opening your toiletries as in many cases, the sudden change of pressure can cause the liquids to squirt out while you open the containers for the first time after landing. 

Be aware of your rights
Check out the various government websites and help lines to be aware of the rights that you have as a passenger. 

The dreaded lost baggage
The situation which most passengers consider to be a nightmare coming true, a missing luggage can be scary. Be sure to check out with the authorities and make sure that your updated name and address is provided to them before leaving the airport. 

Choosing your transportation from the airport
Consider renting a car prior to your arrival at the airport. In many cases, the cabs available at the airport charge abnormally high rates for a journey to the city. You could book a car matched to the time of arrival of your flight for a hassle free and cheaper option of transportation. On the other hand some cities offer cheaper cab services than the prices that you would actually incur while renting a car. So be sure to measure the alternatives available before you start on your journey.