Corporate Travel Insurance – AIG GroupPlus

A Group Personal Accident and Travel Insurance Policy in One

Your business executives can now travel worry-free! A revolutionary type of Group Personal Accident and Travel Insurance policy that is designed to be more flexible in scope and cover by removing traditional exclusions and age limits and introducing new benefits that are unmatched and aim to lead the insurance market.

Hence, AIG introduces GroupPlus.

For the first time, a policy is introduced that offers you the following:

NEW – No Pre-existing medical condition exclusions.
Whilst your employees are travelling on work assignments, our travel insurance gives you peace of mind that they will be covered for accident and sickness that was previously excluded under the policy.

NEW – No Age Limit
We have an ageing population and are aware of the challenge this poses to employers seeking insurance for their staff. GroupPlus provides insurance with no age limit, thus offering greater convenience to employers.

NEW – Increased Living Benefits
Research shows that a small percentage of staff actually suffer death from accidents. GroupPlus with its focus on also providing increased living benefits, leads the market in offering higher payout for permanent and partial disabilities. This includes Paraplegia and Quadriplegia (new cover) payout of up to 160% and 175% of the sum insured respectively.

NEW – 2 in 1 Policy
Having two separate sets of policy wordings can cause confusion. GroupPlus combined policy has two unique benefits:
- Allows you to understand the policy more simply
- Along with our GroupPlus Claims Guide – we aim to speed up claims payments through clearer processes.

Comprehensive Personal Accident Plan

• NEW – 6 benefits added to Permanent Disability Scale:
- Quadriplegia
- Paraplegia
- Lower jaw by surgical treatment payout
- Loss of kidney
- Loss of spleen
- Permanent facial scarring longer than 5cm/10cm

• NEW – Bereavement benefit with lump sum payout of 10%
• NEW – Severe Injury benefit with lump sum payout of 10%
• IMPROVED – General exclusions now only 3
• IMPROVED – Fracture benefit scale enhanced
• IMPROVED – Severe Burns to include 2nd Degree Burns

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan

• NEW – No pre-existing medical condition exclusions
• NEW – Complimentary Cover for accompanying spouse and dependent children on a business trip
- No limit on dependent child

• Complimentary leisure trip upgrade for directors, managing director, chairman, chief executive officer or president and their spouse and dependent children
- No limit on dependent child

• NEW – Employment disruption benefit to take care of advance deposits made for transport and accommodation expenses
• NEW – Kidnap benefit of up to S$10, 000
• IMPROVED – Personal Liability benefit limit of up to S$5,000,000
• IMPROVED – Medical benefit with no cap on traditional chinese medicine treatment

GroupPlus Brochure (pdf)
AIG GroupPlus Quotation Form (pdf)

Important Notes :
1. This brochure is not a contract of insurance. The specific terms, conditions and exclusions applicable to this insurance are set out in the Policy, a copy of which is available upon request.
2. The benefits of this policy will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy.
3. The availability of the coverage and the terms and conditions may be subject to regulatory approval and/or underwriter’s determination.