Personal Accident Insurance

Why complements travel insurance with AIG Sapphire Enhanced?

Among the common reasons why travelers invest in travel insurance includes the risk of injuries arising from accidents while traveling – a risk that one has little control.

I’ve personally known of friends who had traveled for a ski vacation only to sustain falls with fractures & or sprains to the limbs.  Another slipped and fell off the edge of the beach while holidaying at a nearby resort.  The nasty surprise from the fall was though he sustain neither cuts nor bruises, one of his arms felt weak in the coming days and it was found the impact from the fall had caused a split of the muscles and he had to be operated on.

It lead to several months of physiotherapy, unease of regaining full strength that took him off full fledge work for nearly a year.  Though his in-patient medical expenses were largely covered for by his travel & medical insurance, there was one major limitation - the medical benefit of a travel insurance typically ends after 30 days upon return, it is regardless of the fact the insured has yet to complete treatment.  Furthermore, there was also unease from the worries relating to potential loss of income when one is on prolonged medical leave.  In addition – a travel policy typical does not include coverage from potential loss of income.  This post-accident scenario is common.

In fact, during one of my vacations in the winter months, I had personally experienced having slipped and fell flat on my chest at a blink of an eye while taking photos not realizing that thought the pavement was dry – was coated with a layer of ice.  Fortunately, I escaped unhurt except with a broken camera. Though I was with a few friends, it happened so fast the nobody saw it coming to “catch me” from the fall.

I’ve read of people who slipped on wet floors, injured their teeth or sustained injuries bad enough to experience long periods of recuperation.

Unknown to many, a personal accident policy serves as a good supplement to a travel insurance – this is all the more so of you are active with sports or travels with eagerly participates in outdoor activities.

What does that mean to you – the traveler?
Imagine, sustaining an injury while on vacation. It could have been a traffic accident, a fall, etc. Medical expenses are incurred for your treatment overseas, if it’s a minor accident, it can be easily by covered by most travel insurance policies.  If it’s a more serious injury, you may be left without coverage even though you are still undergoing treatment.

Some compelling benefits of a Personal Accident Policy include:
  1. Accident Medical Reimbursement – Reimbursement for in-hospital or outpatient treatment. Usually for up to 1 year from date of accident
  2. Weekly benefit for Temporary Total Disablement – Provides up to 104 weeks for total temporary disablement due to accident (Sounds serious but simply means being on medical leave arising from an accident)
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Reimburse for treatment by TCM due to accident
  4. FREE Coverage for children – some insurers do offer FREE coverage for your children when both parents are enrolled.  If you have a personal accident policy, it pays to have both you & your spouse enrolled to the same plan.
  5. Premium are generally not affected by age thus regardless of age, the premium is the same.

It is regularly reported in the media on accidents befalling travelers that include the unfortunate events such as traffic accidents, injuries from falls, robberies and many other possible situations; in some cases fatal but for many others, it could mean many months in of recuperation even when they are back in Singapore.

In conclusion, if you want to travel anytime, travel worry-free! - take up a Personal Accident Policy.