Road trips with children in toll

A Guide To Road Trips With Children In Toll

Plan trips around their sleep routine. Avoid departing near bedtime or you run the risk of kids on the alert when you reach your destination or even being deprived of sleep yourself.

Keep them entertained. Children tend to feel bored on long drives. Keep them occupied with electronic gadgets, activity or storybooks, toys or even counting games. A built-in DVD player in the car is also a good way to keep your little ones entertained. It will be ideal to allow turn-taking when choosing what games to play or what movies and music to play in the DVD player. In this way, everyone gets a say in what they want to do and time flies.

Another way to keep children occupied is to provide them the task of navigating. Give each child a map showing the destination the family is travelling to and get them to provide estimations with regard to distance(s).

Check your car seats. It is important to check that your child’s car seat has been installed correctly. When in doubt, check with the relevant authorities or experts for advice.

Strap luggage properly. Ensure that your travel bags, equipment (if any) or any other bulky items be strapped tightly in place. This is to prevent your little ones from being injured by these heavy objects in the event of jerks during an accident. If you drive a big vehicle, consider installing a barrier between the boot and passenger seats.

Pack fluffy pillows to make it more conducive for your kids to go to sleep. They also come in handy to separate your little ones when they get into arguments or fights.

Restrict supply and intake of junk food. Having heavy meals or pigging out in the car may lead to nausea due to car sickness. Children are to avoid caffeine as it can make them hyperactive. Prevent these problems by choosing healthier options such as fruit, light biscuits and salads and consuming them in moderate amounts.

Make regular stops. With children travelling with you on drive trips, it is necessary to stop frequently for toilet breaks. Abandon the attitude that you must get to your destination as planned or you may end up in resentment when you do not. Instead, build in spontaneity by paying random visits to unique spots or simply just doing something different along the way.